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Clymer Manuals Honda S90 Vintage Motorcycle Video Walk Around

Clymer Manuals got a close-up look at Mike Fickle's custom Honda S90. This classic Japanese motorcycle was on display at the 2013 HoAME Vintage Motorcycle Rally. This Honda cafe racer won the Best Moto Giro Award sponsored by Martech Printing.

Honda S90 on Wikipedia
The Honda Sport 90, or Super 90 or S90, was a 90 cc Honda motorcycle based on the Honda Super Cub, made from 1964 to 1969.

It had a single cylinder OHC air-cooled engine linked to a four speed transmission. There was no tachometer but the speedometer indicated speed ranges for each gear. Top speed was claimed to be 64 mph as compared to the CL90's 59. The engine was rated at 8 horsepower, presumably at the countershaft sprocket, as Honda denied having more than 6.5 HP at the rear wheel, as evidenced in a letter written to [at least] the Reliable Co., the only Honda dealership at the time in Winnemucca, Nevada, in order to quell complaints by the Highway Patrol of sales to younger riders. (A rating under 6.5HP was a requirement in Nevada for a low-powered motorcycle license for those 14 and over, to the age of 16. There was a 35 mph top speed requirement, which was up to the operator to control.)

Hand clutch and usual controls were in place. Shifting was "1 down, 3 up," with neutral between these.

A metal cylinder behind the carburetor held the air filter. Tools went under the seat in their own compartment. The frame was pressed steel. This machine was not intended for off road, as evidenced by narrow handle bars, "universal" street tires, and no accessories for such travel. 90 miles per US gallon (38 km/l) was not hard to attain, even with spirited riding. The engine held a quart of oil and had an internal centrifugal oil filter.

There are a variety of models including the Honda S90, CS90, Sport 90, Super 90 and the Benly 90. The date of manufacturing can be determined by removing the fuel tank and examining the tag surrounding the wiring harness.

S90 Info on
The Honda S90 was produced in Japan from 1964 to 1969. The 'S' stood for super as this was the fastest, sportiest model in a range of 90cc Honda's produced at the time.

The other 90cc bikes in Honda's lineup included, the CT90, CL90, CD90 and of course the C90. All the bikes shared the same 90cc engine and similar transmission systems.

The S90 was the sports model of the range. It had the 90cc OHC single cylinder engine fitted to a 4 speed manual clutch transmission.

The frame was pressed steel rather than tubular steel to minimize weight and the bike was fitted with telescopic front forks for improved road holding.

The bike was rated at 8hp and was claimed to cruise at 60mph on its 18" rims.

Manufactured 1964 - 1969.

Clymer Manuals Vintage Collection Series Four-Stroke Motorcycles VCS4

Clymer on the lift didn't have to go far to attend the 2013 Heart Of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts club 22nd Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show. Classic vintage antique motorcycles motorcycle bikes British, German, Japanese, Italian, European, American motorcycles were all on display. Manufacturers included Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Harley Davidson, Vincent, Triumph, BSA, Norton, Brough Superior, Indian, Cushman, Vespa, Laverda, Puch, Lambretta, MV Augusta, Ducati, Matchless, Zundapp, Moto Guzzi AJS and more. There were 100% perfect restorations,bike ridden in, a few trailer queens, full-on customs, cafe racers, choppers, bobbers, trials bikes, dirt bikes, road racers...any type or style motorcycle you could image.
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