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Clymer Manuals Schwinn Whizzer Vintage Scooter Moped Motorcycle Walk Around Video

Clymer Manuals got an up-close look at Jason Climer's 1950 Schwinn Whizzer at the 2013 HoAME Vintage Motorcycle Show.

Clymer on the lift didn't have to go far to attend the 2013 Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts club 22nd Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show. Classic vintage antique motorcycles motorcycle bikes British, German, Japanese, Italian, European, American motorbikes were all on display. Manufacturers included Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, Harley Davidson, Vincent, Triumph, BSA, Norton, Brough Superior, Indian, Cushman, Vespa, Laverda, Puch, Lambretta, MV Augusta, Ducati, Matchless, Zundapp, Moto Guzzi, AJS and more. There were 100% perfect restorations, bike ridden in, a few trailer queens, full-on customs, cafe racers, choppers, bobbers, trials bikes, dirt bikes, road racers...any type or style motorcycle you could imagine.

Whizzer bicycle engines are a line of bicycle engines that were produced in the United States from 1939 to 1965. They were commonly sold as kits to be assembled and attached to a consumer's bicycle thus creating a motorized bicycle. Whizzer U.S.A. re-appeared in 1997 to sell an improved version, pre-assembled on an old Schwinn-style bicycle frame.

The Whizzer bicycle engine was first produced in 1939 by Breene-Taylor Engineering, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of airplane parts. By 1942, sales of the engines had not been entirely successful, having sold only about 2500 units. The Whizzer operation was then sold to Dietrich Kohlsatt and Martin Goldman.

By 1943, World War II was well underway, and Whizzer Motors were forced to lobby the United States Government for the right to continue production of what was argued to be a great way for defense workers to travel to and from work.

In 1948, Whizzer sold its first pre-assembled motorized bicycle, the "Pacemaker".
Whizzer motorcycle engines would cease to be produced in 1965 due to the increasingly competitive bicycle engine market.

Whizzer Bike
History of Whizzer - by Jack Backstreet
Some younger scooter/moped'ers out there might not know anything about the
history of the Whizzer, the most significant motorized bicycle ever built.

Model J May 1948- Sept. 1949 Sales (Unknown, but alot!)
* Throttle controls replace thumb unit
* Most have Carter carbs
* Some have 'tall' oil stack towers (a rarity)

Schwinn would produce the WZ series and the Ambassador (their most deluxe
model) until about 1952 and sold through their extensive dealership network.

European affiliates are established and begin selling preassembled bikes
utilizing frames quite different than anything seen in the U.S.

Alpha-numeric sequences (which skipped several letters in the alphabet) are

300 Series Sales 15,600

Sales begin to fall off dramatically in late 1952.
* Bimatic transmission proves a costly failure and is discontinued.
* Kick starter introduced
* 3 hp

Company begins production of aluminum windows and kitchen utensils.

500 Series Sales 2,300

600 Series Sales 1,500

700 Series Sales 5,300
*Kick starter deleted

All figures are for kits. 700 sales figures are deceptive due to the length
of production. Whizzer would continue building preassembled SPECIALS in
limited quantities until company closes using virtually any available NOS
parts from across series which blurrs model lines.

Factory closes in 1964.
Remaining inventory sold to late Leonard Davis in 1970 for a rumored $5,000
(he buys approx 175 kits, some completed bikes and bins of misc. parts worth
an estimated $1,000,000 today).

With the model J, Whizzer began producing, in addition to the kits, their
own line of proprietary bikes: the PACEMAKER (24") [later produced as a 300
series] 1948-51 (about $200.00), the SPORTSMAN (a bit later, as a 300S)--- a
20" (!) miniature motorcycle (no pedals to crank!) with a kick starter and a
2 speed automatic transmission, the bimatic. 1950-52 ($239.50), and the
SPECIAL (Schwinn DX frame by Whizzer, built until about 1963).

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