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Clymer Manuals Vintage Snowmobiles, Volume 1 S820

Vintage Snowmobile (1972-1980) Artic Cat, John Deere, Kawasaki Service Repair Manual
Vintage Snowmobile Service and Repair Manual, Volume 1 S820

This manual covers all models of snowmobiles manufactured by Artic Cat, John Deere and Kawasaki between 1972 and 1980.

Keep your vintage Artic Cat, John Deere, or Kawasaki snowmobile on the trails with step-by-step procedures, detailed photography and comprehensive exploded parts diagrams and illustrations. Clymer snowmobile manuals are the No. 1 source for DIY enthusiasts requiring maintenance, troubleshooting and repair information.

The Clymer Collection Series Vintage Snowmobile service and repair manuals are three separate manuals (one for each manufacturer) combined into one compilation. The layout for each section is a complete manual covering maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.
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Print Manual 1972-1980

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Arctic Cat
Lynx I (1974-1979)
Lynx II (1974-1979)
Pantera (1974-1979)
Panther (1974-1979)
Cheetah (1974-1979)
El Tigre (1974-1979)
Jag (1974-1979)

John Deere
300 (1972-1977)
400 (1972-1977)
500 (1972-1977)
600 (1972-1977)
800 (1972-1977)
JDX4 (1972-1977)
JDX6 (1972-1977)
JD295/S (1972-1977)
340 Cyclone (1972-1977)
340 Liquifire (1972-1977)
440 Cyclone (1972-1977)
440 Liquifire (1972-1977)

SA340 (1976-1980)
SA440 (1976-1980)
SB340 (1976-1980)
SB440 (1976-1980)
SS340 (1976-1980)
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